About the Railway

There are two layouts a Large Scale (G) and a HO Scale.

The Large Scale (G) Layout 

This layout is elevated off the ground with a L shaped corner section built in a 15.5M x 8.5M area of my backyard bounded on two sides by a wooden fence (the "back" and the "side").
At present there are 2 levels attached across "the back" with the lower level being 900mm off the ground and the upper level 400mm higher.

The plan is for the upper level to descend to the 900mm level across a corner and along  "the side" with an overall grade of 4%  which also consists partiality of a 7 Foot long trestle curved bridge.
Across "the front" there is a town area planned on a free standing table type area (size not determined yet but planned to be in the order of 8 Metres x 2.5 Metres) which will be 900mm above the ground, both track loops will pass through the town area, where there will be shunting sidings, before the upper track ascends back to the 400mm higher level to form a continuous loop.
There is no printed track plan at present the plan exists only in my head, I am creating a plan as I progress which I may publish at a later date.

The HO Layout

This layout is L shaped 3 Metres (10Feet) x 3 Metres (10Feet) mounted on a shelf 1.3 Metres off the floor in my shed.
When finished it will have a continuous loop and a small yard area for shunting the track plan can be viewed on the HO Track Plan page.