About the Railway

    This is an elevated dual level Large Scale/G/Garden railway with trains running on 45mm, Code 332 track.
  • Stage 1; Runs across the "Back Fence" of the garden around the "Corner" between the back fence and the "Side Fence" which runs the full length of the house block. The upper level to descends to the lower level across the corner and along "the side" with an overall grade of 4% which consists partiality of a 14 Foot long curved trestle bridge. 
  • Stage 2; Starts with a lift up bridge to allow access to the inside of the loop which contains a landscaped seating area around a firepit, then a "town/industrial" area which will be all flat and just involves building a free standing table type area 900mm above the ground (size not determined yet) so that structures can be built on it. Both track loops will pass through the town area, where there will be shunting sidings, before the upper track ascends back to the 400mm higher level
  • Stage 3; Involves getting the line that came down in Stage 1 back up to "Upper Level" to form a continuous loop. I have an area that is smaller the area where it came down so I will use a Helix/Spiral of one and a quarter turns to achieve this. 
  • Stage 4; Is a planned loop through the shed with storage tracks under a HO layout  Ringbalin Light Railway HO Division located inside my shed.
  • Stage 5; Is a possible small loop using Code 250 track to try and give the impression of a sugar cane tramway that will feed a sugar mill that is planned to be a CenterPoint of the industrial area.

There is no printed track plan at present the plan exists only in my head, I am creating a plan as I progress which I may publish at a later date.