Construction Logs

The construction of the railway began in August 2019. 

I have divided the construction of the railway into 6 separate stages.

Stage 1; runs across the "Back Fence" of the garden around the "Corner" (via a couple of trestle bridges) then down the "Side Fence" (which runs the full length of the house block, but only a small part is used).  This involved bringing the "Upper Level" track down to the same level as the "Lower Level" where they enter 'Coleus Corner'. 

Stage 2; takes the two tracks across the yard on a "table" which is all flat so that structures and sidings can be built on it.  It involves making a lift up bridge, across a gap left to allow access to the inside of the loop, between 'Coleus Corner' and the 'table'.

Stage 3; involves extending "the table" and putting in benchwork across the front of the shed to carry the lower loop after it runs through a "town area" to close it.

Stage 4; takes the track that came down in Stage 1 back up to "Upper Level". There is a smaller area to achieve this when compared to the "Corner" with the high trestle across it, a Spiral/Helix was considered but eventually one was not required to achieve this.

Stage 5; Is planned to be a small loop to try and give the impression of a sugar cane tramway that will feed a sugar mill precinct that is planned to be a Center Point of the industrial area.

Stage 6; is a planned to be a loop through the shed running under the HO layout that will allow trains stored in the shed to be loaded onto the track or be used to store trains in a ready to run position and bring them out to the mainline.

As each milestone in the construction is reached I write a new post which summarises what has been done, they will be an ongoing record of developments on the railway. 

Links to these posts have been placed on this page below so that the construction can be easily followed. 

Stage 1

1. Stage 1- August - October 2019 G The Beginning of the Railway

2. Stage 1-October to November 2019 Supports Construction

3. Stage 1-November to December 2019 Lower Level Around the Corner

4. Stage 1-January 2020 Starting the High Trestle

5. Stage 1-January 2020 The High Trestle Reaches Halfway

6. Stage 1-January 2020 The High Trestle is Finished

7. Stage 1-March 2020 Down Hill from The High Trestle

8. Stage 1-March 2020 The Low Trestle

9. Stage 1-April 2020 A walkway and safety rail is fitted to the high Trestle

10. Stage 1-April 2020 Stage 1 is Complete

Stage 2

1. Stage 2-May 2020 Stage 2 begins with Coleus Corner

2. Stage 2-May 2020 Inside the Loop Landscaping started

3. Stage 2-May 2020 Lattice Fence extended across the yard from Coleus Corner.

4. Stage 2- May 2020 Lift Up Bridge Work Begins

5. Stage 2- May 2020 The Lift Up Bridge is Redesigned

6. Stage 2- May 2020 The Lift Up Bridge is Redesigned Again

7. Stage 2- June 2020 The Lift Up Bridge Rail Decks are Built

8. Stage 2-June 2020 Baseboards Across the Yard completed

9. Stage 2- June 2020 Lift Up Bridge Finished; Stage 2 is Complete

Stage 3  
1. Stage 3- June 2020 Stage 3 is Commenced

2. Stage 3-June 2020 Stage 3 Base Framework Built

3. Stage 3-July 2020 Framework is Complete

4. Stage 3-July 2020 Lower Loop Baseboards are Installed

5. Stage 3-July 2020 Lower Loop Baseboards Finished; Stage 3 is complete

Stage 4
1. Stage 4-July 2020 Lower Loop is now Continuous

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GE Rik said...

Looks like you are really moving along with the construction. It looks neat and durable. Looking forward to that moment when the first train runs round the full circuit. 😏